What is the Facebook Pixel? What are the advantages?

What is the Facebook Pixel? What are the advantages?

Facebook Pixel is a simple piece of JavaScript code that allows us to track the results of our Facebook and Instagram ads in detail.

Thanks to the Facebook Pixel code, we can analyze all of our advertisements in detail through Facebook Business Manager, and develop new advertising and sharing strategies, and manage advanced digital marketing.

The benefits of the Facebook Pixel code are not limited to these. With this code, we can directly increase the sales of our brand with advertisements, reduce advertising costs with Remarketing strategies, create new target audiences (Retargeting) that are similar to our customers/target audience (Lookalike Audience), analyze the problems on our website by analyzing every point on our website and improve the performance of our ads. In short, no ad management is possible without Facebook Pixel! 🙂


What are the Advantages of Using Facebook Pixel?

Recycling Tracking

Data brightens our path for an ad/campaign to be productive. Thanks to the data provided by our campaigns and ads, we can produce new strategies and reach our target audience at lower costs.

Thanks to the Facebook Pixel code, we can track the conversion of our ads in detail, keep track of which devices we receive clicks on our ads, and track all data in detail, such as which age range, from which location enters our website and how it acts.


Advanced Digital Marketing Studies (Remarketing / Lookalike Audience)

Thanks to the Facebook Pixel code, we can carry out advanced marketing activities. With remarketing ads, we can create campaign strategies by identifying the target audiences interested in our advertising, such as those who enter our site, add a product to their basket, buy a product, click on the X page, and spend up to Z minutes on the Y page.

With Lookalike Audience advertising strategies, we can reach new audiences similar to your own audience.

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Targeting Users Who Shop Online

Some consumers are busy and fast shopping from the internet. Thanks to the Facebook Pixel code, we can use these consumer data provided by Facebook to target these people with Collection and Carousel ads, increase our sales and reduce advertising costs.


Ad Optimizations

By analyzing the data we obtain as a result of our ads in more detail, we can see which advertising gets more returns and which advertising increases our return on investment, and we can make our advertising strategies more effective.

Store Management

The advantages of Facebook Pixel do not stop counting. With this code, our biggest assistant can determine whether our potential customers want to shop online or from our physical store, and if there is a physical store, you can increase our sales by directing these users to our physical store!


Facebook and Instagram are a unique medium especially for e-commerce sites with data collected from billions of people. Thanks to the Facebook Pixel code, we can take advantage of the benefits that Facebook and Instagram offer to advertisers!

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