What are the Linkedin Advertising Models?

What are the Linkedin Advertising Models?

Today, the importance of social media advertising is great. We are all aware of the power of Facebook and Instagram, especially if you advertise B2C (Business to Consumer).


Linkedin, which is the world's largest social media platform in this field, offers us a very wide area for B2B advertising.


How to advertise on Linkedin? What are ad models on Linkedin? What should be considered to create an effective ad on Linkedin? If you are curious about the answer to these questions, let's learn together!


1) Determine Your Advertising Goal on Linkedin


Some rules that apply to all platforms also apply to Linkedin. To advertise on Linkedin, you must first determine your purpose.


For example, will you increase your company's brand awareness or will you advertise your newly opened website? Do you plan to show your posts to more company executives on Linkedin, or do you want to send InMail to company HRs to get a meeting about your company's services? In short, you need to set your goal first!


Meanwhile, Linkedin does not only offer B2B ads. You can also reach your customers with B2C ads. But remember that Linkedin is the leader in B2B advertising in the internet world!


2) Identify your target audience on Linkedin!


After clarifying your advertising goal, it's time for the second step: Audience!


The target audience strategy is very important on Linkedin! Because advertising costs on Linkedin are more expensive than Facebook and Instagram. For this reason, you should check your ads with daily optimizations even after you started to run your ads.

Linkedin Ad Types


Like other social media platforms, Linkedin has a variety of advertising types. You can start your ad by finding the type of ad that best suits you.


1)Sponsorlu İçerik

Sponsored content is the content that the company highlights, and it is displayed in Linkedin's time stream. You can use images, videos, and text in these posts. A maximum of 50 x 50 is allowed in this model. You can also provide traffic to your site by adding your website link to these sponsored content.

2) Text Ads


Text ads are a type of text-only ad located above or to the right of the site flow. This ad type can be visually the site's logo, but no image can be added. The text can be clicked on to your website.

3) Sponsored InMail


Sponsored InMail is a kind of sponsored e-mail advertising that is thrown from Linkedin to the people you targeted. The InMailler you send will be sent to your inbox in the form of  'Sponsored InMail'.

4) Dynamic Ads


Linkedin Dynamic Ads are individual ads that vary by person. Dynamic Ads; members' names, workplaces, and projects, etc. are created by targeting information. Other members will not be able to see your name and profile picture in these ads. When members sign in to their LinkedIn account, they can see dynamic ads on the right side of the site.

5) Placing Advertising Outside Linkedin


The ads you provide on Linkedin appear within Linkedin. However, if the advertiser makes the Linkedin Target Audience Network open, these ads may also show to audiences on third-party publisher sites.


Although ads are shown to users on other sites, their data cannot be transferred to other sites.

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