Ways to Increase 'Followers and Sales' on Instagram!

Ways to Increase 'Followers and Sales' on Instagram!

A question I have been asked frequently in recent times: "How can I increase the number of followers and sales on Instagram?" This question is in common with all of us. As you know, Instagram is the most popular social media channel in recent years. Not only for individuals but also for many companies and content producers.

Before I prepared this article, I did some research on the internet and found a lot of misinformation and frankly ridiculous blog posts. So you can count on me and forward your questions to me at any time.


Create a strategy plan

Perform an audience analysis and create a social media sharing strategy for your business. So avoid doing random shares. Firstly, plan for 3 and 6 months.

For example, we are approaching the end of January. Only 1.5 months to winter. In order to increase sales and interactions ahead of us (it may vary from sector to sector), there is 14 February Valentine's Day. First, take note of such important days that could increase your sales. Then create ideas and marketing strategies that can be shared with people's excitement on such special occasions. Your ideas must be original at this point. Non-original ideas are noticed by followers, which can damage your reputation.

Get corporate design

As a second step, creating a corporate line in social media is extremely important. Coca - Cola or Vodafone come to mind when seeing red; Seeing the green color is never a coincidence to come to mind Starbucks, Garanti Bank, etc.

Your corporate color, logo, corporate fonts, social media templates, communication language should all be in harmony. So at this point, I recommend you to work with a good Art Director or a good digital advertising agency.

Remember, social media is your showcase. If you want people to see your window and perceive you, you need to create modern, stylish and interesting designs for it.


Continuity and discipline are important

Continuity is very important not only on Instagram but also on all social media channels. It is extremely inconvenient to make 5-6 sharing in 1 day and not sharing at all for 4-5 days. My advice is 1-2 posts a day, 1-5 story sharing. Continuous sharing during the day may cause you to lose followers. Because no one wants to be exposed to the continuous sharing of an account he/she follows during the day.

The text of all your posts you post on a daily basis must be visually relevant, interesting and different. However, you should not break your corporate communication line while constructing texts differently. 


Switch to the Instagram business account

If you have a business or if you have a page that generates content on Instagram, I strongly recommend that you switch to an Instagram Business Account.

If you have an Instagram Business Account, you can see the data in detail, see how much of your share brings you to profile visits and interaction, see the number of profile visits weekly, see how much hashtag groups you've received, what style of sharing attracts people's attention shape your sharing strategies.

You can also let Instagram know that you're a business or content-generating page, so you can have Instagram recommend your page to people who like pages in the same industry as you. You can also add your business address, phone number, e-mail address, etc. to your profile in detail.


Perform hashtag analysis

Instagram allows up to 30 hashtags in one post. However, hashtags should be shared with the post texts. I have to tell you that the hashtags added after the post is shared do not work.

When choosing a hashtag, be sure to use hashtags that are relevant to your industry. If you constantly use hashtags that are irrelevant to your industry to gain more organic reach, you will fall into spam and lose your visibility in hashtags.

Instagram robots are constantly checking for hashtags and reduce the page's visibility in hashtags by reducing the page and pages that use industry and hashtags that are irrelevant to the page to get more views. Therefore, I recommend you to do sectoral hashtag analysis.

You have to be very careful when choosing a hashtag. For example, if you have a company in the marriage sector, I do not recommend using #Love hashtag. #Love hashtag, which has thousands of shares per second, will not contribute to the display of your post, but #Wedding #WeddingModels, etc. hashtags will be suitable for you.


Get out of Instagram

Although Instagram has been the most popular platform of social media in recent times, being on Instagram is never enough for your company. Remember that 6-7 years ago, Facebook was at Instagram's current location and was incredibly popular. It is not clear what will happen tomorrow. So don't just focus on Instagram. Be active on all social media networks as possible.

Especially if you address the X generation and you have a content site, you want to drive traffic to your site, mainly use Facebook, if your company serves in B2B, mainly use Linkedin, if your company has a political attitude, mainly use Twitter, if you provide decoration and design services Pinterest'te if you're sharing and producing video content, I strongly recommend using YouTube.

Social media is not just Instagram, remember!

Why should people follow you on social media?

This is a very important point. Why should people follow you on social media? In social media, people have reached a point of satisfaction. So you have to promise them something at this point so that they follow you. 🙂 For example, you can share useful information about your industry, give lotteries and gifts, give discounts and gift codes, and make fun, engaging sharing plans. Social media accounts without interesting shares can hardly get new followers.


Catch trends

New trends in social media and Instagram every week. Sharing your social media trends, full of intelligence and interaction-oriented sharing will be effective in increasing your organic reach, interaction and the number of followers. This is called Real-Time Marketing. So Real-Time Marketing. For example, there may be a derby challenge in the evening, and a sharing of intelligence related to this will attract many of your followers. In addition, World Star Wars Day, World Cats Day, you can increase your interactions such as special days never miss.

Why should people like and share your posts? I suggest you do post-planning to answer this question 🙂


Produce video content as much as you can

The content that interacts on Instagram is more likely to fall into Explore and videos are automatically played on this platform. So if you share “quality” video content, you're more likely to fall into Explore, but you can also increase your organic reach and interactions.


Respond to messages and comments instantly

In today's social media, people are very impatient. When they send you a message or make a comment under your post, they are waiting for you to take immediate action. Therefore, your potential customers to make instant returns to your services will cause them to awaken a positive perception on behalf of your company.

Make contests

On Instagram, if you want to achieve rapid growth, I strongly recommend you to contest. People are interested in even small gifts. A phone case, a book or a stylish cup. Your gift must be relevant to your industry. The gifts you give should recall your company, so you need to think about the gift.

I recommend that you do the contest regularly, not once, and promote these contests as sponsored. For example, if you want fast and organic growth, you can make new contests every week without interruption and you can promote them as sponsored.

Recently, there are accounts on Instagram claiming to give gifts by lottery but giving gifts to their own fake accounts and users are aware of this situation. So you can make your Instagram contest live, record the contest video and post them on Instagram, or announce the winners in a stylish design. Unsuccessful followers will contact the winner and ask if you are actually sending gifts. At this point, transparency is very important.


Should I use follow-up programs?

There are many applications and websites written to increase the number of followers on my day. However, almost all of these practices are insecure. Your account can be stolen, you can unintentionally add a plug-in to your account, and the next day you'll see that your account keeps track of irrelevant accounts. You need to stay away from these applications.


About follow-up programs

A question that comes to me again. Should I use a follow-up program? As you know, Instantly, Bozkurt Software such as follow-up auto software programs that follow. You set up the program by setting sector, hashtag, location, etc. and you increase the number of followers by sending follow-up requests to certain accounts in certain time periods. This system is a system that causes loss of prestige for corporate firms. Imagine at 02.00 at night, a 5-star luxury resort hotel is following you. Therefore, although I do not recommend it to many companies, this site worked for a while.

This worked well for many accounts at one time, but many accounts currently using this method are being suspended by Instagram.

Instagram has received a major update in recent months. Along with this update, Instagram robots are able to track certain accounts, comment, send messages and like posts at regular intervals. Accounts that do not comply with the rules are suspended.

So even though these programs worked for a period, they were no more than trouble. At least for now. 🙂

Influencer important

Another way to increase followers in social media is by influencers. You should cooperate with people and organizations that have a large number of organic followers relevant to your industry. For example, if you have a company that sells men's sports shoes, you can cooperate with a football player. Influencers are important here.


Collaborate with different pages

If you do not have a budget to make Influencer Marketing, you can collaborate by contacting the pages that share your industry. You can share your posts and account on these pages at certain intervals by paying certain fees, sponsoring these projects or collaborating with each other, and gain sectoral organic access, interaction and followers.

Oh, look out! Make sure the followers of the pages you collaborate with are organic. Otherwise, your efforts and budget will be wasted.


No ads, no scale!

No matter how much you share on Instagram, no matter how good your shares are, it is never enough by itself. Certainly, but certainly, according to your budget, you need to run sponsored ads. You can reach thousands of people instantly with sponsored ads and increase your brand awareness and sales. Remember, ad-free growth only grows you to a certain extent. Advertising is a must.


If you have any questions, just comment on the box below. If you would like to receive professional support from me about Digital Marketing or Social Media you can contact me.

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