How should the E-Commerce Product Page be?

How should the E-Commerce Product Page be?

E-commerce sites are the type of web sites where the target audience can supply products wherever and whenever they want. In addition to being accessible everywhere, being accessible by any means is an important requirement.

Product page features are common to e-commerce sites in general. On page;


  • Product Images,
  • Videos,
  • Product description,
  • Product adjustment (if possible),
  • Price information,
  • Payment options,
  • Payment Options,
  • Return and cancellation information notes,
  • Product reviews and evaluations,
  • Similar products (variations such as best sellers or other products purchased by those who buy that product),
  • Filtering tool,
  • Easily accessible menus,
  • User Account link,
  • Basket link,
  • Customer Service link,
  • Contact link,

Easily viewable site terms of use links must be included.

Furthermore, more details can be provided to improve the user's useful features. However, they should be as simple as possible so that this does not impair the user experience.

Product Page Layout

When a user enters your site using a desktop tool, the user first focuses on the area they see. This field is called the visible field. You need to give the user as much data as possible in the displayed area without any movement, which is very difficult. This section can include effective visuals, slogans and advertisements leading to purchase, and special campaigns.

The menus that can be accessed from other parts of the site should also appear on the product page. This should be considered and accessibility features should not be compromised.

You need to work with expert designers to get an effective look on the splash screen without clutter.


Create Pages to Respond to the Expectations of the Target Audience

When preparing e-commerce sites, the design of the site should be taken into consideration the interests of the audience and the age group. The success rate of e-commerce sites is directly proportional to getting to know the target audience.

The product page of a site that offers products for adults should be as result-oriented as possible. The consumer should be able to examine the product easily and see purchasing characteristics.

A site that sells products for children should have features that emphasize visuals and features rather than price and purchase features. The visuals and videos that lead to the purchase of the product are highly effective.


Consider Audience Demographic Characteristics

When we look at how the e-commerce product page should be, the design of the site should be done carefully considering the age group of the target audience that comes to mind first. An eye-catching website attracts the target audience into the site and attracts the buyer. A beautifully designed website means an increase in customer traffic.

In addition to the age group situation mentioned above, you can also make visual adjustments in the context of gender. For example, you can pay attention to the color characteristics of the sites used by the ladies, you can offer agriculture to attract their attention.


Page speed and accessibility

Any consumer visiting your website may be overwhelmed by unnecessary redirects within the site and leave the site. Your site should be as fast as possible when responding to clicks. Here the software of the website is very important. The most important part of an eye-catching e-commerce web page that you support with images is undoubtedly the product page.

Adding to the basket required on the product page should be carried out at the highest possible speed. Otherwise, you will likely experience a decrease in your customer base. You can learn more by reading published on Google Developers.

SEO compatible product introductions are important.

No matter how well you design your site, you should present your products on an SEO-compatible page. Otherwise, your products will not be listed in the search engines. In this respect, SEO infrastructures should be created for both general SEO and product pages and studies should be carried out at this point.

To get your site to the top of the search engines, you should make your product page more detailed by preparing SEO-compatible articles that promote your products. This results in an e-commerce site to increase your target audience and customer satisfaction.

Using the keywords that will attract the target audience in the articles while promoting the products is a wise way to keep a potential customer entering the website longer. Digital marketing experts or SEO experts are the ones who can manage all the arrangements that can be made to move the website up to the owner of the site.

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