How Can You Increase Your Sales by Developing Trust Signals?

How Can You Increase Your Sales by Developing Trust Signals?

There is indeed a transformation problem on the internet. Many brands constantly improve themselves to better convert the traffic they get. What they do on this path can be very varied. A / B tests, changing button colors, preparing convincing content are some of them. But often they ignore the most needed signal. This signal is a trust signal.

If people don't trust your brand, you may not get conversions no matter how convincing your content is. It's a good thing that you can work with trust signals to get people to trust your brand. Researches indicate that three elements should be taken into consideration in terms of trust.

Using Security Badges

One of the most effective ways to get more returns from your site and drive sales is to use security badges. You may have heard that millions of people have access to personal information as a result of recent attacks on the news, such as LinkedIn and Twitter.

Naturally, people are much more careful and meticulous when they enter credit card information. Even if they fall in love with the products offered by your brand, they will not buy anything from you that they feel will not be safe. The best way to eliminate this kind of trust barrier is to use security badges. Research has shown that these badges are the first thing people check when they decide to shop from a site.



If your site does not have a security badge, you may experience serious difficulties in conversion and sales. If you want to get maximum efficiency from security badges, you can review the following tips:

Work with a known security provider: Not all security badges are of the same value. Research has shown that the Norton security badge is the most remembered one. Norton is followed by McAfee, TRUSTe, and BBB. Using one of these can give you better results.

Make badges visible on all pages: Make sure that security badges are visible on all pages, not just on the shopping page. You can improve their trust in your brand by making sure that potential customers are constantly seeing them.

Highlight badges: Make safety badges visible even if you don't have to put them in people's eyes. Do not store security badges by inserting them at the bottom of the page. Make sure all potential customers can see it.

Using the SSL Security Protocol

You must pass sensitive information that people enter through the SSL security protocol. If people are going to register on your site or use credit card information, the SSL security protocol is an important issue that cannot be ignored. Because SSL transmits the information on your site in an encrypted format, it can enable people to browse your site securely. Potential customers who feel safe are more likely to buy something.



There may be significant differences in conversion between a site that uses SSL and a site that does not. People pay attention to shopping from sites that use SSL security protocol.



Brand and Customer Interaction

One of the most important signals of trust is the interaction between the brand and the customer. People take care to examine something before buying it. After reading the comments and experiences of customers who have purchased a product, they tend to purchase the product.


As stated in many studies, we review its popularity to be persuaded to choose a brand. This popularity is largely social evidence. If many people use, love, or intend to interact with that brand, all other people are close to interacting with that brand.


If you'd like to increase people's engagement with your brand, here are some tips:

  • Get comments from customers who use the products offered by your brand and try to highlight them.
  • Make customer reviews visible to other potential customers and guide them to learn more about your products.
  • Invite people to take responsibility for developing your brand and products. Conduct surveys regularly, get their ideas and have them contribute to your brand's blog address. This will make your brand much more humane and increase the trust of potential customers in your brand.


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