4 Most Important Tactics for Exceptional Ecommerce SEO

4 Most Important Tactics for Exceptional Ecommerce SEO

Search engine optimization has become more complex than ever. This rate is even higher on eCommerce sites than on a regular web page.

Senior SEO experts think that 16 items are necessary for good optimization. At the end of the article, you will be able to access all of these items. Consider the 4 items that we have chosen for the time being and that you should pay the most attention to;


Mobile Friendly

We know that Google did an update in April and started alerting non-mobile sites. There will now be a difference between mobile compatible and non-mobile. This is a fairly important update of e-commerce sites. The increase in mobile traffic in this period is reflected in parallel to sales. E-commerce sites that take this into account will be more advantageous than others. There are three main rules for being mobile-friendly. Responsive design, dynamic serving pages, and mobile-assigned URLs.

I don't want to mention anything about mobile-friendly sites. I feel very sad about something and I really want to share it. There are many companies selling e-commerce packages in the world. 70% of these companies do not sell mobile compatible packages. Even if they sell it, they benefit from it. You don't know the technical side of this business, you trust the other side, you invest in this business, but you look at the site that doesn't have mobile compatibility. They say there is compatibility, but this time, Google is not configured according to the criteria the search engine requested.

Dear entrepreneurs, the sector is moving towards mobile. Please take this into account. In order for your initiatives to succeed, your website must be user-responsive, mobile-compliant and search engine-compliant.

You can test your website's mobile compatibility at https://www.google.com/webmasters/tools/mobile-friendly/?hl=en_US.


Canonical URLs

Especially in large e-commerce sites, one or more product categories can have the same content. This is where the canonical URL comes into play. We need to somehow identify our pages with the same content as the Google search engine. At this point, the canonical URL comes to our aid.


Meta Annotations

Meta annotations are important for every web page, but for e-commerce sites, it is even greater. I found the opportunity to review most e-commerce sites. I have observed that the biggest mistake made on these sites is automatically generated meta descriptions. Meta descriptions are the first step towards selling on e-commerce sites.


Fresh and Robust Content

Now every website owner is clear about this: the content is king. Content that is rich in words has always been useful. With the Hummingbird update, the excess number of words does not mean anything by itself. It is very important that the content is of high quality and that it conveys to the user. Content is not just text. The content you create through infographics, videos and photos are of great importance.


Other 12 Important Criteria

  • Local Optimization
  • Responsive Design
  • Appropriate Site Construction
  • Implementing Structured Data
  • Ensuring Fast Load Times
  • Using Detailed Keywords and Rich Product Descriptions
  • Using Alt Tag for Images
  • Providing Social Sharing Tools on Product Pages
  • Provide HTTPs Security Protocol
  • Error-free Pages
  • Using Various Anchor Text
  • Quality Backlink Resources

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