3 Social Media Advertising Strategy to Boost Your Sales!

3 Social Media Advertising Strategy to Boost Your Sales!

Advertising on social media (Facebook & Instagram) may seem simple, however, converting these ads to sales is a process that requires professionalism.


To do this, you must first understand the brand and its products correctly and perform an audience analysis accordingly. Good audience analysis can be done by looking at the data of previous sales or by examining competitors' ads. Once the audience is analyzed, it is necessary to proceed with the right advertising strategy. Otherwise, advertising budgets may be wasted.

Advertising strategies that will increase your sales must be measurable and sustainable. It's almost impossible to get good conversions with random ads. Just as you need a good tactic to score in a football match, you should have a good tactic to increase your sales with social media ads.

The first step is to have a fast, mobile compatible, simple and user-friendly website. In the second step, you must set goals in Google Analytics to ensure the measurability of ads, and you must have added the Facebook Pixel and Google Ads & Analytics codes to the site without error.

If you're ready to increase sales, here we go! 🙂

1) Custom Audience Advertising Strategy

The Custom Audience advertising strategy encompasses digital marketing processes based on data collected from potential customers.

For example, mail addresses that you collect from potential customers who register on your website or mobile application are examples. If a person signs up on your website and shares his / her email address with you, it means that he or she is interested in your website and products, and is more likely to buy your products. Thanks to the Facebook Custom Audience advertising strategy, you can target people who are interested in your products with their e-mail addresses and increase your sales by showing your ads to these people on Facebook, Instagram and all the channels that are partnered with these two sites.

To do this, you should follow Business Facebook> All Tools> Audiences> Asset Library> Create a Custom Audience. You can upload your e-mail addresses of your potential customers collectively in .csv and .txt formats from the Create Custom Audience section in your Asset Library.



2)Lookalike Audience Advertising Strategy

Let's come to our Lookalike Audience advertising strategy that increases sales and introduces us to new potential customers! This is the strategy I use most to reach new audiences. Lookalike Audience means a similar audience. This means that you can reach similar audiences to your existing visitors and followers with the best Lookalike Audience ads.

With this ad model, you can reach communities that look like people who log in to your website, add a product to a cart, buy a product, interact with your page on Instagram, and so on. Here's how: Business Facebook> Audiences> Create Similar Audience

You can select demographics such as country, city, age, etc. when creating a similar Target Audience; you can optimize the audience as you wish. My advice to you is to choose% 1 similar to your current audience. The higher the percentage, the greater the target deviation of the target audience. 1% is enough for a good audience.

3) Remarketing / Retargeting Advertising Strategy

And let's come to that famous Remarketing / Retargeting advertising strategy. I say it is famous because it is the most well-known and preferred advertising strategy for increasing sales. The remarketing advertising strategy is used extensively in Google advertising strategies as well as social media ads.

Remarketing is a great strategy that allows you to sell your products by re-targeting your potential customers who enter your website on their name, buy a product, add a product to a basket, or interact with you on a social media (post, comment, post likes)!

For example, you have an e-commerce site that sells watches. After spending time on your site, a user added a watch to the basket and left without buying it. As soon as the user enters the social media, he/she can display intense ads about the hours and remind the user to complete his / her order. Likewise in this strategy, create Business Facebook> Audiences> Custom Audience.

You can target people who interact with your website in detail by clicking the Custom Audience and then clicking Website Traffic. Of course, for these 3 advertising strategies, Facebook Pixel Codes must be placed correctly on the site. Otherwise, your strategies will fail.

When these 3 strategies are implemented at the right time and in the right way, you are unlikely to fail! 🙂

If you would like to receive professional support from me in the fields of Digital Marketing and Social Media, please contact me. 🙂

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