10 Tips to Turn Visitors into Customers

10 Tips to Turn Visitors into Customers

Want to Convert Visitors into Customers? Here are 10 Possibly Missing Items on Your Site!

Your site might have an extraordinary aesthetic structure and thousands of traffic, but the money you spend on the design will be worthless unless you are able to turn visitors into customers.

The rules change constantly. Limits are constantly rearranged. Imagine, there were no mobile sites many years ago, but they are now. Classical software applications are now being replaced by web-based applications. Nowadays, new research is being carried out, and most of it is about improvement and user experience. The reason is obvious: if you improve conversions, you improve your earnings.

1% of the average 3000 people who come to your site monthly means 30 customers. When you increase the conversion figure to 2%, the number of customers doubles. You should never forget that even if the amount of traffic is always an area to focus on, the design of the site is effective in converting traffic.


Do You Have a Plan for Conversion on the Site?

If you don't have a plan, you should soon create a plan! You will not have done everything by making a design that suits YOU. You should develop a plan and test every aspect of the plan to identify its features that offer high conversion rates.

Marketers have been working for a long time. However, these people can no longer act solely on-site traffic. They have to understand the difference between quality and quantity.


The more intertwined with your brand, the more difficult it is to see it from the eyes of a customer. A digital marketing agency can help you with this. The first steps suggested by these experts usually consist of two stages. The first is that they enter the site and give you feedback on this topic. Secondly, they take into account feedback, difficulties, and confusion from users. Once you've identified elements that prevent conversion, they help you to give the user a new and user-friendly experience.

If you want to create a new conversion improvement strategy, you can take a look at the following 10 elements. These methods include elements that have been tried before and satisfy customers.


New Content

If the content you publish on the site belongs to months ago and there is nothing new, then it will not be possible to say that you have spent a lot of time on the site.

Imagine when you last visited your site. If you didn't publish any content for ages, then we can't talk about the company's expertise. You should always try to present new content on your site. This may be a daily blog post or weekly notes from the name of the company. The important thing is to see that the site lives in the eyes of customers. As soon as customers see old history articles, they press the back key or close the page.

You may not be able to regularly submit new content within the company. Content is critical, and you may want to make a breakthrough in this regard and consider working with people who can write articles for you. As a matter of fact, it does not matter who wrote the article. It is important that the article is suitable for customers and new. In this way, you can get more conversions.


Customers That Ready To Buy

You may have a lot of traffic, but if the downturn in the shopping screen, then your conversion rates won't increase. So how can you attract such visitors? There are several methods for this. First, you need to know your target market. This may seem very simple, but it is one of the most important issues for conversions.


It's good to have a lot of site traffic, but it's good if the surplus consists of targeted users. Remember, quality is always better than quantity.

So how do you attract these users to your site?

Take a look at your competitors:

Are they advertising?

Where do they advertise?

Who are social network followers?

Do they have too many followers?

These are ideal points to begin research. After the research, determine how to attract new customers. Then you can continue your work through the sales funnel. Add powerful call-to-action responses to ads, no matter what you do.


Effective Call-to-Action

Do you have any Call-to-Action on your site? It may sound simple, but the simplest mistake is to ignore the call-to-action. When visitors come to your site, they leave the site when they don't see any redirection about what they should do.

Call-to-action messages are important, and they might be an element you have ignored on your site. How do you determine if they are effective? This is where testing comes in. The buttons can be of different sizes, colors, and shapes. Take a test to determine which is more effective and continue with the edits until you find the best one.

The call to action should be simple and save customers from harsh situations.


Simple Order Process

Making the call-to-action message simple is not a sufficient solution by itself. When visitors enter the sales funnel, they should not encounter any compelling situations. The shopping cart section or contact section on your site should be simple and clear. You should avoid distractions and situations that will interrupt users.


Social Media

If your brand doesn't have a social media presence, prepare yourself for suspicious visitors. In today's digital marketing world, it is not important that marketers say something. It is important that other users say something.

Investigations and thoughts expressed in social media are important methods for attracting new customers to the site. If you don't have a social media component on your site, or if you haven't mentioned how customers can contact you, then you're very likely to lose potential customers.


Confidence Factor

People are inherently skeptical beings. The Internet and, however, deceptive steps have brought this quality to the forefront. Does your site reduce or contribute to these thoughts?

You may be selling really expensive products. In this case, do not complain about the high price, try to explain why the price is high. Do you want to get customers' contact information? In this case, explain why you need the information and inform them not to share it with others.


What leaves you hesitant? Once you have identified these factors, try to explain them. Customer trials, media statements, badges, and social evidence, as mentioned earlier, can help you with this.


Value Proposition

Once again, you must act according to the balances of human nature. We always wonder what's going on inside us. It's normal. These reasons should accept that customers have similar ideas.


Can you explain how your brand can help them personally? Place it on the base of the site. Value recommendations increase suitability and clarity. The more inconvenience and fear you offer to customers, the more tendency customers leave the site.

This is related to many of the aforementioned factors, including confidence. When you want to take a positive approach to your brand, you increase the value proposition as long as you take steps to eliminate potential barriers. This also adds a sense of inevitability.


Mobile Friendly

The popularity of smart devices is increasing day by day, so you should turn your site into mobile. There are many test software and tools for this. With these, you can see how your site looks from different devices. Make sure that many things, from email to landing page, work well on mobile devices.

As long as your site has a “responsive tasarı design, it will be seamlessly accessible on many different mobile devices. This will also help you avoid copy problems that may occur on your site. However, updating to the main site will result in a similar update on all devices. This will not only improve the experience of the visitors but will also help you improve your site's search ranking. As a result, you increase the conversion figures.


Demand Tracking

This is good news if you have a form on your site to capture potential demands! It is not good to neglect follow-up. When someone trusts you and your brand, they can fill out these forms with sensitive information. However, if you do not have such an approach, you may lose your chance to approach the sale. This is a common situation.

If you don't have a form to capture claims, you should now create one. These can be evaluated for contact requests but also for newsletter subscriptions or contact forms.


Customer References

If your site is inadequate in terms of customer references, you may have trouble reaching new customers. Curious web users want to know what you are, how you satisfy others, the services you offer after the sale of products and whether you are trustworthy.

References with names alone will not be enough. These are actually dilemmas in the thinking of customers. If you do not attempt this way, you should stay away from it. Benefit from the ideas and thoughts of satisfied customers and get their permission to share their ideas using their names.


If you have any questions, just comment on the box below. If you would like to receive professional support from me about Digital Marketing or Social Media please contact me.

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